the Mother of Miami


The Mother was embraced as a young girl in her twenties, but by looking at her face you would never know it. Her skin is cracked and dry like the hide of an alligator. Her dark hair is matted and tangled like the brush of the swamps, in fact, upon close inspection one can find a myriad of twigs and leaves as well as the insects and small rodents of the swamp making refuge atop her scalp. Her eyes are as dark and murky as the swamp itself. A passerby might think she were a decrepit woman in her eighties, but the Kindred of Miami know that she moves with the lithe grace of a predator.
To court, the Mother wears dark cloaks trimmed with colors that appropriately mark the seasons and a boundless amount of jewelry and symbols from countless religions and beliefs, including the symbols of the Lancea Sanctum. While in public, she wears clothing appropriate for the old and the homeless, and often the Kindred of the city may walk past her without realizing that they were just in the presence of the Mother of Miami.


Embrace: 1857

Apparent Age: Inderterminable

Clan: Nosferatu

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Quote: ""

Reputation: She is called the Mother of Miami by those who respect her; la bruja del diablo by those who fear her; and those who cross her seldom get a chance to say anything at all. She is a monster of action, striking down those who rise against her without a second thought. She is a tyrant who commands respect, but the Kindred of Miami are beginning to whisper rumors of her instability. They are beginning to discuss whether or not her methods are as useful as they once were or if her aggressive attitude has become a liability.

Background: Before her embrace, Dulcea was the daughter of a citrus farmer and when her brothers fought in the Third Seminole War she became a farmhand herself at the age of eleven, taking on the chores that her two brothers would have done. One night fire came and ravaged the farmhouse. Waking in time, Dulcea escaped through her bedroom window, falling two stories to the ground bellow and wounding her leg. She crawled away from the fire and lay in the citrus fields watching as the fire consumed the house knowing that her mother and father must be burning alive inside. Not knowing where to go or how to survive on her own, let alone with a broken leg, she searched for her brothers in the Everglades. When the sun fell, she found herself in the swamps listening to the sounds of creatures she dared not face. She hid as best she could but soon one monster of the Everglades managed to seek her out.

James was a man with a face that even a mother could not love, Dulcea thought, but she felt relieved to find an adult in the thick swamps of Miami. James took her in as his own. He fed her the rough hide of the alligators, let her drink the sweet nectar from his wrists, and, from time to time, he would kiss gently at the crook of her neck. She loved James, despite his horrible face, and she would give him anything, even her life if he asked for it.

Dulcea lived in the swamps with James for fifteen years and she eventually came to understand that James was not a man at all. As the knowledge dawned on her, James offered her the gift of eternity and laughed as he explained how it would be peppered with damnation. Dulcea was afraid but she thought back to the night her farmhouse caught on fire, and she remembered how it felt to watch her parents disappear in the wild flames. She knew there was only one road to take.

Dulcea stayed in the swamps, feeding off of the land and any poor bastard that made the decision to make his way into her domain. She stayed with James, practicing all he could teach her of the Kindred and of the Circle of the Crone. Over the decades she became more than proficient in the ways of blood magic.

In 1920, the electric lights and the sound of humanity drew her out. Soon she met the monsters of Miami and became enthralled in the Danse Macabre, learning to manipulate and use the kine as more than just a food source. As time passed her position within the Circle flourished and she gained the endearing name of “the Mother of Miami”. The Circle staked the previous Heirophant and burned her upon a funeral pyre as they raised Dulcea high above the smoke and flames.

Dulcea played councilor to Prince Robert until the 1960’s when the Prince became worried that the Circle had gained too much power within the confines of Miami with her at the helm. He placed Dulcea under the vinculum by force and sent the Circle of the Crone into a frenzy. As the sunrise came that morning ash was seen blowing from the top of the Dade County Courthouse where the late Prince held court. After forty years, the city of Miami had a new Prince.

Laws and Customs:

  • The Liturgy Must Be Heard. Though it is not required to practice the faith of the Crone, the word of the ancient gods must be heard. At the beginning of court the Liturgy is spoken or sang by the chorus of the Circle and on special occasions by the Mother herself.
  • Mortals Of The Zepeda Bloodline Are To Be Left Untouched. The Mother had two brothers who both eventually had families. Mortals are born with the Zepeda name, or who are known to be close relatives of the Zepeda’s, cannot be fed on, ghouled, attacked or used in any political scheme. Those who break this law will be punished as the Mother sees fit.

Politics and Elysium:

Followers, Minions and agents:

the Mother of Miami

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